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12:03 Oh, how I dearly wish this *wasn't* an April Fool's joke product. I want one so very much. tinyurl.com/yks4ol5 #fb

17:23 LA performer peeps: wanna be in a new SPFX show @ Universal Studios Hollywood? Auditions are on April 9th: tinyurl.com/yevdp9a

17:47 Zoinks! Google Street View is now IN 3D! Fortunately I already have anaglyphic (red/blue) specs here at my desk tinyurl.com/yjmx8z3

18:41 Live streaming video from today's Encom Press Event at Wondercon RIGHT NOW! #flynnlives #tronlegacy tinyurl.com/yct9lfg #fb

19:26 The #flynnlives event in SF and the Lebowskifest event in LA are both going on tonight... coincidence?!? #jeffbridges #fb

19:41 Wanna bet the various event footage from the #flynnlives movement ends up in the final film and story as bad-press "news footage" for Encom?

20:02 Official Encom press announcement about to begin! Live Streaming: www.ustream.tv/channel/hazado #flynnlives #optron #tronlegacy #fb

20:11 Bruce Boxleitner is REALLY appearing live as Alan Bradley of Encom! #tronlegacy #flynnlives #arg www.ustream.tv/channel/hazado #fb

20:12 WOW! Cindy Morgan making a cameo as Alan Bradley's WIFE!!! 4dfiction.com/live/?go=optron #flynnlives #tron #fb

20:16 SPACE PARANOIDS online! #flynnlives

20:20 ENCOM'S new product announcement: Space Paranoids ONLINE! #flynnlives #tronlegacy #fb

20:26 Neon-red-and-black ENCOM helicopter buzzes #flynnlives event in SF! #tron 4dfiction.com/live/?go=optron #fb

20:37 #flynnlives event -- methinks it didn't go as planned, parachutist supposed to "interrupt" Bradley's speech?

20:37 #flynnlives event -- when he stalled and said, "I knew this was going to happen", that sounded more Boxleitner and less Bradley. ;)

20:56 Okay, regarding my #Flynnlives tweets, I'm done for tonight. OR, *ahem*... "End of line." (via @MagicWhiskey) #fb

21:12 Bespectacled? Hate 3D specs over your prescriptions? Order clipons! (get "circular polarizer" for RealD theaters) tinyurl.com/yzhamcn

22:35 Reason #4,256 my iPod knows I'm gay -- when I got in the car to go out tonight, it played this song: tinyurl.com/2fgrm2 #fb

22:36 Beering it up — at Eagle LA gowal.la/s/3pDB

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